Haters Gon’ Sink

Ye contiues to be one of the most original artists in the world.

Original and proud to show it.

Cos’ originality is hard to come by these days, moreso in the fashion world. The Ye look drapped in bags today, will be what your cool kids will be wearing on the way to their prom in 2045.

Paired with Bianca Censori, I think Ye will certainly reveal more style today and still have time for new fashion gates to be opened in 2064. It’s a shame that most of the press seem to weave in Bianca as some sort of damsel in distress tortured by a vagrant rapper. They’re a couple in love and in control of who they are, so let them be.

In my view these two are prime artists and everything they do should be celebrated with no shame.

Beauty is elegance laid bare for all to see. Ye and Bianca Censori on the way to an evening studio session together.

What’s strange to you was the norm to Dali, Picasso and centuries of artists who have the guts to paint a world that’s 200 hundred years in the future.

Do ya thang Ye.
Roll cool B.

Cos’ haters gon’ sink.

Ye will always be 10 steps ahead of the pack. No matter what!

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