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Yerai Cycles

The past few months have been an experiment in the what-and-how to explore geared bikes. More specifically, learning to dance with a Vernon Barker steel frame that has gone from being a potential single speed conversion, to a solid daily stable that I now fully enjoy.

Lucy II started life as a single-speed conversion project.

The Ultegra gears tick over smoothly that I buzz with excitement at times cos’ this is not something that I’m accustomed to. Normally, I despise the click-clank sound that derailleurs make, but somehow this classic Ultegra 6600 is seemingly quiet and seems to whisper me up the hills, even in heavy headwinds.

“Doper-bikes” are the best bikes according to Durianrider. I agree, especially when you’re a home mechanic rollin’ on sweet Shimano 6600’s
Lucy II rolls with Shimano Ultegra 6600. One of the best groupsets ever made

This is a whole new exceptional feeling, and Lucy has now added a new dynamic to my training methods and pace. Though I’m yet to break the exceptional 52mph that I previoulsy set on my fixed gear rig, the ease of fighting cold and frosty headwinds with gears is a blessing that I’ve seldom experienced before.

Quick 52mph down to slick kisses at 30.
Why not?

Maybe it’s the cold weather, ice or winds that have been holding me back. Either way, the training continues and this so-called ‘geared experiment’ is still in motion and continues one mile at a time. Seems slow, but I’m learning new techniques everyday. I’m not Eddy Merckx yet, but the spinning fun is addictive and having gears feels awesome on these Bolsover hills. 

To make space in my hallway, I’ve now packed away Dianne and Lucy II has taken her place – at least for the next few months. The strangest feeling has been not having a Raleigh in my daily stable since storage, so I guess this is a new journey for Lucy and I. 

I’ll update these for pages for Dianne as soon as I can. But for now check out Yerai Cycles for some good o’l spinnin’ fun. 

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