The Morning Hour


Ever had one of those days when you just don’t want to get up?

Staring at the ceiling. Alarm blaring on its third snooze. Still thinking about getting up.

Maybe in a minute or so.

Maybe in a coupla’ minutes.

What if I get another 15mins of snooze?

I think 30mins will be better. Yes, then I’ll be fresh enough to start on that job that I began yesterday.


30 minutes later becomes an hour. An hour becomes two. Yesterday became today, and tomorrow the day after until it’s another one or two minutes of sleeping out the next hour that began last night. 

Or it could be your life.
Do you really want to live a delayed hour all the time?

That’s how it starts. 

So over the years I’ve grown to learn that there is no perfect time. 

Only time is now. 

Just get up and roll.

You’ll soon forget about yesterday because your hour is up now.


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