I’ve Finally Quit Sugar…And Wheat Crunchies


That’s it.

I’m done.

I’ve finally given up sugar.

No more two or three extra teaspoons with my morning, afternoon or evening tea. No more top-up-for-my-chocolate-milkshake while watching movies with the kids. No more teaspoon here, teaspoon there for the occasional coffee. 

I’m done. Kaput. Da finale. Das Gone. 

I had the worst ever morning training session today and I blame it all on sugar. I think I downed about 3 cups of tea yesterday and topped it off with another cuppa for The Covenant (great movie by the way) around 9pm.

That, plus the additional three packets of crisps I had with the kids (while watching Peppa Pig) last night eroded all stamina from my usual punchy 3-mile-climb.


I was puff-t’d!

I was drained. 

I was huffing and puffing as if I weighed 300lbs, and even the casual 3% climb felt like 12%.

“What the HELL happened?”, that was a cuss at 3%.

“What is this?, 6% when I knew I was damned.

“What the f*$£!??” was when I lost it at 9%. Cursing and waving arms at bars cos’ I couldn’t see straight. Glasses were all steamed up and covered in sweat. 

“What is this?

I have never, ever experienced climbing fails like this.

Never, never – ever.

The drivers in cars that were trailing back watched on as though they felt sorry for me. No horns or shouts. They just followed far behind watching a slow horror show unfold.

Fat dude on a bike, doing 2 miles an hour up a hill.

There wasn’t not a close pass in sight.
All ‘em cars stayed far behind as if they were in a trance.

I guess I caused traffic today. That and maybe an earthquake when I farted at 9%.

I’m pretty sure those commuters are still laughing at their desks at this very moment. Sold on the thought of watching my fat ass bouncing up and down the saddle like a jack rabbit.

Maybe a jerk rabbit.


I blame the crisps.
Crispy Bacon Wheat Crunchies.

Three of them. 

Wheat Crunchies – how the hell did I get hooked on these things over several years??
Ah, I see – sugar – be damned!!

Above all, I blame myself. For giving in to temptation and washing off those salty crisps with gallons of sugary tea. 

I let myself down. 

So I’m done. 

F*** sugar!

No more sugar, cos’ I know that getting back in shape from this moment on will be a pain in the ass – literally.

This is so bad I might get recurring saddle nightmares tonight. Cos’ todays’ morning cycling session was painful. Almost to the point at which I thought about walking that climb at 9%.

But I didn’t. 

I dragged my fat legs up that hill and kept the wheels spinning.

Cursing, but spinning.

F*** this. F*** that.

All I know is I still gotta do this all over again this evening, tomorrow…and the day after.


Love is pain.

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