France Is On Fire, So Macron Wants To Ban The Internet

Some governments just can’t be trusted.

I’ve just brushed off a lunch article from the Guardian, reporting that Macron proposes cutting out social media platforms (TikTok, Twitter et al)  during protests.

Apparently, Macaroni-with-cheese really hates his citizens, and he also doesn’t understand VPN’s. Banning social media posts during riots will only anger protesters even more. Bans catch fire, and the internet lights up.

Macron is obtuse and off his head. So much so that he would rather tear up all French principles of liberté, égalité, fraternité just cos’ a coupla’ trigger happy cops were playing whacko-immigrant-go-bang with pistols at hand.

Life ain’t a playground, and the people have had enough.

That’s why France went up in smoke.

France protests following the death of Nahel Merzouk (June, 2023)

People have a right to protest unjust behaviour from governments and suppression from those who hold a position of authority. Without protests and civil disorder we would not enjoy the (relative) peace and freedoms that most of society lives with today. Slavery, apartheid, voting, and worker rights. History has an eye for this, and folk ain’t blind. Civilians have a right to speak up when they witness any attempt to crush all the freedoms that we hold dear.

Ban this, ban that. Tax this, tax more. Take this, own nowt.

Everyone has a right to fight for what they believe in, and at times this comes at great cost.

The time is now.

The cost of freedom is pain, and we all have to share a pound of flesh.

What happens in France, now happens in Spain and is spreading across Europe everyday.

Here in England the government would be all too happy to ban protests outright. Second to that, they’d ban all boats coming into the UK and call it a day at the park.

That, plus the added stench of raw sewage on the beach just in time for summer holidays. Ain’t life grand?

Just another day.

Light a match.

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