This Morning, I Almost Turned Into A Zombie


“What type of deer is that?”

Those were the first thoughts that sprung to mind after I saw a ‘strange deer’ this morning. It was approximately 200 metres away. I was staring at that thing for a long time while pushing my bike on a level crossing.

Normally, I take pictures of these type of situations.

But this was weird. The deer darted out of the woods and onto the first set of tracks before hopping onto the second tier rail tracks on the right. Then it just stood there. In the middle of the tracks. As if transfixed, like me. Was I looking at it, or was this ‘deer’ looking at me? 

I have seen several roe deer around Sherwood Forest but this one was very different. The neck was long. Very long. In fact, it was too long. Like a giraffe. The deer didn’t pace away like the usual type I’ve seen in any Notts woods. This one was walking like a dog, and yes sniffing at the air as if searching for something. 

Sniffing and looking at me.

Soon, I realised that I had also been transfixed dead on the tracks like a deer in headlights. Just like the deer – I was standing smack bang in the middle of rail tracks. In broad daylight, on a busy train route.

This is how people die. 

Not suicide.

Death via transfixion

Death by deer, not train.

Funny thing is, just the other week I saw a guy strolling along these same rail tracks as if it was just another Tuesday. I couldn’t bear reading the news that day.

So yea, trance over I rolled my bike off the level crossing as quickly as I could. By the time I was on the other side, the deer was gone. 

Why didn’t I take a picture I hear you ask?

I had my phone with me, but my mind was just numb after seeing that creature. 

Maybe it was the movie. 

A hallucination of sorts. Rolling hills after a midnight snack are like acid and crack to a cyclist in the morning. 

Busan. That’s it.

This ain’t like any type of deer you’ve seen at the zoo – ‘Train to Busan’ (2016)

Last night my wife and I saw ‘Train to Busan’ for the first time. The ‘creature’ that I saw this morning was a dead ringer of that zombie deer that gets hit by a truck in the opening scenes of that movie. 

Whack, bam, zombie!

Looking back at all this now, I wonder if that could have happened to me. Would have turned into a zombie too, after being hit by a train?

A zombie.

As the world turns.
A Train.

I kid you not, my morning training sessions are an adventure and a half these days.

Or maybe I should just stop eating four sausage rolls, six piles of bacon and two cans of Coke before going to bed.  

Maybe, just maybe.


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